Samstag, 27. November 2010

Recover Cisco Type-7 passwords

That't the first hints and tricks post - more will follow

A new customer of as also decided, that we should also maintenance his network, cause the old company did their job really bad - bad luck for them, good luck for us :)

But we were challenged with the problem that there were just bad documentation, and no baseline config - so on nearly every switch or router the config was different from the others :|

In the same manner, it was with passwords or keys - every guy, who configured the device, used his own password. Some guys aren't still working at the old company, others "can't remember".

So what to do - just bring down the network and reset everything?

Not with this little trick and if you are lucky the old network guys wasn't capable of using "secret" password:
  • If you see something like "username foo password 7 07362E590E1B1C041B1E124C0A2F2E206832752E1A01134D" in the configuration you are lucky
  • Go to THIS great web site and enter the encrypted phase
  • Or if you are at a site, without internet access:
key chain blabla
key 1
key-string 7 07362E590E1B1C041B1E124C0A2F2E206832752E1A01134D
rt_abc#sh key chain blabla
Key-chain blabla:
key 1 — text “You really need a life.”

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