Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Useful tools - Part II - NetSetMan

Another task you may perform if you start as a networking guy, will be to do some debugging jobs and you'll have to connect to many several network with it's own networking settings.

It can be really annoying if you have to change every time the specific network settings to gain access.

One real useful tool may be NetSetMan. It's freeware if you it non-commercial eg. at home, at university or otherwise non-commercial. If you use it commercial, there is als a pro version, which costs about 20$ - and it's worth of it.

Just take a look at the GUI:
I think it's self-explaining - you have you several tabs and can make different profiles.

If you have the pro version you have also unlimited profiles, can set domain and proxy settings.

So download now and give it a try :)

Questions or anything else? Comment!

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