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Connect to a headless CrashPlan server on a Synology NAS using Mac OS

Hi there,

like many of you i have a NAS from Synology a 1511+ and I use it for nearly everything. This everything includes beside storing my data also in a few services. One of these services is CrashPlan, which might you also know as a Cloud backup solution.

I’m using it now for a couple of years, and never really had the worst case, so a complete loss of my data, but it was handy a few times already, like if you accidentally overwrite a file, and then need it a few weeks later, or if you need some file, that has been backed up, but is not in you other cloud storage like dropbox - you can also use it for this kind of work

what i want to show you today is how to access the synology crash plan service from a mac os client. i am quite new to the mac world and the first task i started after updating the preinstalled applications was of course setting everything up, as i need it - involving crash plan.
I tried asking dr. google how it is done and i ended up just with the results including windows clients - the method i also used before.

cause crash plan is running no matter where - on linux, windows, mac os or on my synology has in a java container i imagined it must be nearly the same and i searched for the config file on my local file system.

and voila i found it :)

so here are the necessary steps to bring it up and running for you:
first open your favourite command line - i am using the built in terminal - if you wonder which launcher i use - it’s alfred which i can really recommend you over the normal spot light - maybe give it a try

then switch to the directory /Applications/

in here you will see a file called when issuing the "ls -lahrt” command

first thing we would like to do is take a short peek at the file - more

#Fri Dec 09 09:50:22 CST 2005
 #pollerPeriod=1000 # 1 second
 #connectRetryDelay=10000 # 10 seconds

yeah - it’s quite short and quite full of comments - lets make a backup of that for our local crash plan instance - which we still want to use in the future


and another one which we use then for the sinology instance


now open the, uncommont the serviceHost line change the IP to the one of your Synology NAS.

if you are using a different service port, you also have to repeat this procedure with the serverPort line

now in theory to start it we just have to replace the working copy with the one we would like to use - so either the local one or the synology one - but we didn’t up in it cause we like to do extra work and have no idea to make our live easier.. :)

for that i have under my user folder a folder called Scripts - let’s got to it:

cd /Users/lwa/Scripts

in this folder create file called synology_crashplan.command with the following content:

cd /Applications/
open /Applications/
sleep 5

what it does is it goes to the directory of the config files
overwrites the current configuration with the one for the synology NAS
starts the crash plan gui
waits 5 seconds and give it a bit of a headstart
and then copies back the local config, so you can easily start your existing client

of course you can also make an alias for the script and place it on the desktop - you can do it, but you don’t have to do it

if you have any comment/question - just leave me a comment/message.

and have fun with your headless backup server

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